BWO Spinner in size #22

I've been tying a bunch of these little buggers lately...

Depending on the number of insects on the surface of the water, I like to fish this mayfly spinner as a dropper fly both on the surface and below.  I like to go the opposite.  If there are a lot of insects floating spent on the surface, then I fish this fly as a drowned BWO.  If there are only a few mayfly spinners on the surface, then I float this fly.  I don't want my fly to compete with the hundreds of real spinners available, I want the odds in my favor, so should you!

BWO Spinner size #22 tied and photographed by Doug Korn

materials list:
hook: size #22 dry
thread: MFC olive 8/0
tails: micro brush fibers
body: MFC olive thread 8/0
wings: Needloft yarn in white - which will be a reflective clear in the water.
thorax: DK#4 olive dubbing


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