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I met Arturo or "Woods Roamer", a fellow wood carver and bowyer (builder of bows - as in bow & arrow), on line.  I'm a follower of his wonderful blog "Woods Roamer - Contemplations on Nature and the Art of Self-Sufficiency".  You can find it here: http://woodsroamer.blogspot.com/

I mentioned to him that I was looking for a left handed hook knife for spoon carving and Arturo was kind enough to offer up a lefty hook knife blade that he had forged and had tucked away in storage.  I was very glad to have it and offered him some wild turkey feathers for his arrow fletchings in exchange.  Well, I just got this fine blade in the mail the other day and it's just the right size and has a nice clean inside bevel, just what I was looking for.  Arturo also sent along some mounting instructions for installing the blade which worked out perfectly as you can see.  

Shaped for my hand and finished with Briwax.
Here's the blade with the new pear wood handle mounted to it.  I made the handle from an old pear tree that I took down in the side yard.  It's the same wood that I used for my "lefty spoon" that I posted here on my blog.  Next step is to do a little sharpening and she'll be ready for action.

Arturo: The amalgam worked perfectly, solid as a rock.  Thanks again my friend, Doug.


  1. Great looking pear handle, Doug. I hope the knife serves you well.


  2. just wondering why you would move from such a beautiful place (not that NY isn't nice)....always wanted to fish Montana....maybe someday...but there's always plenty of fish here on the east side of the great-mississippi

  3. ff100, Yeah - I hear you... We love Montana, but my wife and I grew up in NY and we have family here... Although we spend most every summer in Gardiner, MT. and fish the park and surrounding waters. We love it!


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