Seek and Ye shall find...

About four years ago my fellow guide and fly tier Walter Wiese came across some "wood grain" 2mm tan and brown foam.  Wally tied some killer hopper patterns with this stuff and he gave me a sheet or two of it.  I have tied a bunch of my Wrapped Foam Hoppers with it but saved and guarded them for my own fishing.  That stuff is long gone!

Since then both Wally and I have kept our eyes open for "unique" fly tying foam.  Well the other day my wife had to stop in AC Moore and buy a few things so I went in with her just to check on the craft foam - Yeah baby, jack pot; Leopard Yellow, Tiger Orange and Zebra Pink....  I see Golden Stones, Salmon Flies and Pink Hoppers jumping out of these sheets of foam already.

Don't worry Wally, I got a couple of sheets of each for you.  I cleaned them out, buying all they had... I'll stop by today to see if they have any more...... as you might have guessed Wally and I tie a ton of flies!

Leopards and Tigers and Zebras, Oh my!


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