The Knothole Spoon (or taking a break from fly tying today)

Spoon #4 - I finished carving this ash serving spoon today.  No sanding, just a carved finish.

Here are the other tools I used for this spoon.  The Keen Kutter 1 1/2 lb. axe head is one I recently bought off the bay for $20. I reground the edge bevel and made the handle and mask for it.  My spoon knife and Mora carving knife are also included in the photo.

The knot hole worked out perfectly.  It popped out nicely with a little help while carving the bowl.  It will make a nice drain hole for serving cooked veggies...

The spoon is 10 1/2 inches long.  I'm sorry that it's not fly fishing but thanks for checking it out...


  1. Doug: That's a nice looking spoon. Great conversation piece. Ax looks interesting. Good job on the handle. I like the look.


  2. my thanks for the kind comments.... Doug.

  3. Wow, two things we have in common. I just started carving, haven’t tried a spoon yet. Is your spoon knife made by you? Any info you wish to give appreciated.


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