Flies for the Greater Yellowstone Area by Bruce Staples

Early last year Bruce Staples contacted me and asked if I would be willing to contribute some of my original fly patterns to his new book.  Needless to say I was flattered, and said yes.  I sent off to Bruce examples of eight flies, a materials list and a short description for each.  I just recently received my copy and I was very impressed with both the content and quality of this publication...

My "Korn's Marabou Caddis" even made the cover!
My flies included in this book are:
Korn's; Spruce Moth, CDC Spent-wing Parachute Caddis, Green Lantern, Holiday Golden Stone, Marabou Caddis, TNT Golden Stone, TNT Green Drake and my Wrapped Foam Hopper.

It is truly an honor to have my flies listed alongside some great fly tiers like: Bob Jacklin, Hans Weilenmann, Walter Wiese, Craig Mathews as-well-as many others...

If you get a chance please give this book a look especially if you plan on fishing in Yellowstone Country!  Thanks Bruce...


  1. Doug -

    I just thumbed through Bruce's new book this morning at the local book store, and noticed that you had contributed a good number of flies. I was thinking about sending you a PM via the FAOL BB, but then when I arrived here at your blog and saw this current entry, I decided to post my congratulations and compliments here on your blog.

    John Scott

  2. John - Hey man how are you?.... thanks for the kind comments.... I haven't been on FAOL much..... seems a bit boring there... Anyway hope your chasing the cutt's....


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