Flying Ants in April?

Hey folks - I know summer is coming when the shop has me tying 30 dozen flying Cinnamon Ants.

That's a lot of ants.... but hey, they work and the fish love them. If a hopper is the cheeseburger in a Happy Meal then Cinnamon Ants are the french fries...... Fished as a dropper off the hopper it's a great combo for those dog days of summer. Here is the PFS version.

side view

bottom view - what the fish see...

Hook: #16 MFC 7000
Thread: 8/0 Uni Rusty Brown 
Front hump: small ball rusty brown DK dub 
Rear hump: rusty brown DK dub 
Wing: white MFC Widow Web, fairly thick, split. 
Hackle: 5-6 turns brown or furnace Whiting saddle. 
Use high-end hackle, we want this sucker to float on the Yellowstone!


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