Busy day so far

and it's not lunch time yet...

made Honey Whole Wheat for this weeks bread...

finished up these guys...

4 dozen ready to go...

The H&I had it's first casting session today... She seems happy with a 4wt. but can drive a 5wt. line as well... A very nice NY stream rod. It has a nice slow smooth traditional cane action. A joy to cast.... Here it is with a 1960's M61 reel or tuna can as they are called... makes for a nice vintage set-up.


  1. Rod really came out nice. I like HI...love the Tonka Queen.

  2. My thanks Ralph... it always really surprises me how nice these old bamboo and fiberglass rods cast. I use them most of the time these days.

  3. Doug, what a nice post.
    The bread can be sent here...
    I love the rod and reel, perfect. Martin reels are popular in the south.
    The times I fished Shenandoah I saw a fair share of Martins.

    1. Yeah Alan, Martin's (the 61's and some of the 63's) aren't fancy and a bit on the cheap side. But, for 3 & 4wt. fiberglass and bamboo rods they're fine and very classic looking to me.


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