Ouch.... dummy....

Unfortunately I injured my ring finger on my right hand by cutting the tip of it off.. No, not in the workshop but in the kitchen cutting up chicken, of all things. I work with sharp tools all day and hurt myself in a moment of distraction using a butcher knife… 

It was a difficult day at Urgent Care and the treatment was worse than the injury, with nerve blocking shots and cauterizing, etc...
I will need to take a couple of weeks off, as I cannot work in the shop for a while. I just hope this heals up faster than they predict…. I need to be able to work with my hands, Doug.

finally stopped the bleeding by cauterizing the wound..


  1. Oh no ! Hope everything heals up just fine

  2. I sliced off a finger tip on one of those mandolin style food slicer. A trip to the emergency room was required to stop the bleeding. They wrapped the sliced off area with some kind of medical sponge. It took quite a while to heal.


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