Chaga Tea

On a recent hike in Maine with my wife Michelle, I found a small piece of Chaga (a fungus, mushroom) growing on a birch tree.  When this fungus starts growing on a tree, the tree is doomed and will die...

Removing the chaga does no harm to the tree nor does it save it, but non-the-less it makes a wonderful tea.  Or so I've been told.  Chaga has been used for century's by our native americans for brewing an herbal tea rich in anti-oxidants.  So, today I thought I'd make some and give it a try.

my chunk of Chaga...

I cut the Chaga into some small pieces and added it to two cups of water.

I put it on my small "minibulldesign" stove and fired it up.

Here's the tea after boiling for about 5 minutes and steeping for about 5 minutes more, strained and ready to drink.

How was it?  Great, very nice, tastes like a green tea...  Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm not a fungus or mushroom fan but from now on I will keep my eyes open for more Chaga.

Note: Michelle passed on the tea... only good english teas will do for her.  I find that a "bit snobbish", don't you?

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