Korn's Black and Tan APF Nymph

A great "all purpose fly" and a good winter nymph.  Tied with a black phase gray squirrel tail, if you can get some.  If not use red fox squirrel instead using the darkest material on the tail.  My buddy Ben gave me a black squirrel tail from one he had shot and I tied up a bunch of these for him.  With or without a bead or wire head it's a great searching pattern on those dark and dreary winter days.  Fish it as a wet fly dead drifted and then swung downstream.

Black and Tan APF (all purpose fly) Nymph

tied and photographed by Doug Korn

This fly is one of a series of variations of my Korn’s SCHWARPF fly. 
(Swept Custom Hackle Winged All Revised Purpose Fly)

materials list:
Hook: vintage Mustad #16 wet
Thread: Serafil tan 200/2
Wire Head and rib: gold 28 ga. craft wire 2 layers 4 and 3 turns
Tail, Shellback and Wing: black squirrel tail tied in by the tips, divided 1/3 for tail, 2/3's for shellback and wing
Body and Collar: tan hares ear with UV ice dub mixed.

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