A soak, breakfast and some fishing too...

Michelle and I started our day by getting up early at 6am and headed to Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park. This area has underground hot springs which flow out of the earth and down into the Gardiner River providing a "Mother Nature's Hot Tub". There was no one else there as we parked and drank the last of our morning coffee on the walk down to the river. Just as I was stepping into the river I happened to look and coming low and straight at us was a beautiful Bald Eagle, what a sight as he flew about 50 feet above us gliding down the Gardiner. 
After a good long soak we were off to Roosevelt Lodge and a big breakfast, then a drive through the Lamar River Valley to see the Bison. There were a few fisherman too, but hundreds of Bison.... a very nice relaxing morning indeed.

This afternoon I was back on the Yellowstone River. The section I fished today is rugged with difficult walking and wading, getting cliffed out, then hiking up and around and back down to the river.  I fished up river with a dark yellow foam Korn's Split-tail Hopper and a Korn's Spent-wing tan Caddis as a dropper. The combo was deadly, with both flies taking fish throughout the 4 hours of fishing. I fished one of my favorite fly rods today a custom built Dave Lewis Sage Z-Axis in 9' 5wt. with a Hardy reel.

Yellowstone Cutthroat

Brown Trout

Bigger Brown....
 Here's a series of photos landing the final fish of the day a Yellowstone Cutthroat. 
All-n-all 16 fish brought to hand and I missed a few too...

"on the fly"


  1. Great fish! Sounds like a really great trip. Still in my bucket....but I'm working on it.


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