Mid 50's Glass Rod

Yep, picked up a nice 1950's - 60's rebuilt fiberglass fly rod from Kevin Proctor, at Colorado Custom Fly Rods.  http://www.coloradocustomflyrods.com/index.html

The original manufacturer of the rod is unknown, but I like the looks and feel of this rod.  Kevin stripped the blank and totally refurbished it with all new hardware, cork grip and nice maroon wraps.  I've been looking for a fiberglass 6 wt. in the 8-9 foot range and this one at 8' 6" should be fun to fish out West.  It's a no-nonsense fishing stick just the way us old guides like 'em.  I have two other old fiberglass fly rods that I fish occasionally, but they are collectors rods that are in such good original condition that I worry about using them.  This rod has been given new life by Kevin --- and will be fished hard by me!

Here are Kevin's photo's of the rod...


  1. I love those old fiberglass rods !!! My first fly rod was a 8ft.built by a friend of my dad's, at the Long Beach Casting Club when I was eleven...

    ...and thanks for the add !!!


    PT/TB :-)

  2. You're welcome PT..... Yeah, I hadn't cast one in some time... You forget how heavy these old rods were, but within a few casting strokes you settle in and make the necessary adjustments and cast nicely... It's fun to change it up now and then.


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