Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BRF - 2012 Midge Soft Hackle Emerger

Craig Mathews at Blue Ribbon Flies has come up with a nice winter time midge emerger.  
See him tie it here:

Inspired by Craig, I got some "combo thread" from BRF and tied the #18's shown here... Simple to tie and just as effective I'm sure.  I hope to put this new fly to the test next week here in NY...  

My materials list:
Hook: 18-20 std. wet fly
Thread: BRF - Combo thread 6/0 black/red for body 
Tail: zelon amber or grey
Thorax: black zelon or rabbit dubbing
Wing: Ruff Grouse “V” tied soft-hackle style with wraps walking the fibers around the shaft.  I like my soft-hackle a little longer than Craig... tie 'em as you like 'em.

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