Fire Fly by Aaron Jasper, step-by-step

Fire Fly tied (my version) and photographed by Doug Korn

materials list:
Hook: scud heavy wire, #12-14
Bead: 6/0 Toho flo. orange glass bead
Thread: Serafil 120
Tail and Body: pheasant tail
Rib: 28 ga. copper wire
Thorax: peacock bronze dubbing of choice

Tie in pheasant tail at bend.

Attach copper wire at bend with wire extending under bead. Wrap thread forward. 

Wrap PT forward counter-clockwise, then bring wire forward with clockwise turns.

At the thorax wrap wire in close turns (5 or 6) to the bead.  This adds weight and avoids using lead.   Tie off and break wire.

Dub thread using the split thread technique or direct dubbing method.

Wrap thorax with dubbing noddle and whip finish behind the bead.


  1. great little fly and you've made it even simpler and still looks effective.

  2. thanks Passinthru Outdoors.... it's a good one to have in your box....

  3. Would work a charm on Yellowfish in our country!


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