Chaga Tea

On a recent hike in Maine with my wife Michelle, I found a small piece of Chaga (a fungus, mushroom) growing on a birch tree.  When this fungus starts growing on a tree, the tree is doomed and will die...

Removing the chaga does no harm to the tree nor does it save it, but non-the-less it makes a wonderful tea.  Or so I've been told.  Chaga has been used for century's by our native americans for brewing an herbal tea rich in anti-oxidants.  So, today I thought I'd make some and give it a try.

my chunk of Chaga...

I cut the Chaga into some small pieces and added it to two cups of water.

I put it on my small "minibulldesign" stove and fired it up.

Here's the tea after boiling for about 5 minutes and steeping for about 5 minutes more, strained and ready to drink.

How was it?  Great, very nice, tastes like a green tea...  Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm not a fungus or mushroom fan but from now on I will keep my eyes open for more Chaga.

Note: Michelle passed on the tea... only good english teas will do for her.  I find that a "bit snobbish", don't you?


  1. Hi Doug - what model BHK is that?

  2. It's the BHK - Canteen Shop Woodcrafter knife...

    Great knife, love it.

  3. Thanks Doug - I liked the handle and didn't see it on the BHK site.

  4. Hi Doug, I think you better add cinnamon sticks before boiling. It would add extra flavor and warmth to its effect. It’s good to charge circulation and to warm backaches. You could also try nutmeg. ;) Add some raw honey and enjoy!

    Mack Shepperson

  5. Well, chaga tea gives you many benefits to your health including the energy that is needed by anyone today.


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