a "Crossing Over" of sorts - to fish the cane...

I've been looking for a long time for my first bamboo fly rod... I wanted a classic.  Last week I purchased it and she came today.  An original Orvis Impregnated Battenkill, 5 3/4 oz., 9 foot, 3/2 (3 piece with 2 tips), HCH or 7 wt., built in 1949 at the Orvis shop by John Rosencrantz.  Just what I wanted and she's in excellent all original condition... perfect.

I just came in from lawn casting it with a 6 weight line.  The rod seems to like that line but more casting will be done to find just the right line weight for this fine rod, but oh she feels good.  I bought it for the bigger waters of the Yellowstone, Gardiner and the Delaware Rivers to cast big flies and catch big fish, can't wait.

she's a beauty...


  1. I have 2 battinkill's. A 76' White and a 70' Jordan/White. They are awesome rods... gonna be a much slower cast than your glass/graphite, but much more enjoyable/addictive. Once you got cane in the brain... there's no going back!


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