Sunday, October 21, 2012

Turkey hunt...

Yesterday was opening weekend for turkeys in NY and my buddy Ben and I both took birds.  Ben shot his in the morning and I took mine in the afternoon... This was my only weekend to hunt with my knee surgery scheduled for October 30th.  The doctor says I'll be down and out of hunting and fishing for about 4 weeks... Even so I am planning to hunt opening day of the gun deer season on Nov. 17th.  Lucky for me the birds were working the fields and I could drive the four wheeler right near my blind.

Ben with his bird, a double bearded gobbler 7" and 2".

I took this hen at 5 pm. in the pouring rain at 48 yards.


  1. congrats on the birds and good luck with your surgery. Hope you make the deer opener.

  2. PO, My thanks for your kind comments and well wishes. I enjoy your blog as well, Doug.