Feathers on the fly... Turkey down!

May first was opening day of the turkey season here in NY and I was in my blind for a whole 40 minutes before I shot this gobbler.  Here in NY we can take two birds so I like to put one in the pot as fast as I can and then hunt for a "big boy" long beard...

We did see some long beards (far left tom strutting) but they were too far for a shot and had lots of hens already, so our calls went unanswered.

The jake had a 4 3/4  inch beard and I called him in with a Marlin D. Watkins box call.

Cleaning the bird.

We also found a woodcock's nest with 4 little eggs in it.  I snapped a picture while momma timber-doodle did her best to divert us by playing hurt and injured.   


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