Leeches - Oh my!

Hi folks, just thought i'd show the Simi-Seal Leeches I have been tying as of late. These are a killer streamer at all times of the year....... I tie them in; black, brown and olive...

Olive Arizona Simi-Seal material tied on a Size 12 in 2X long, 3.5mm brass bead.
See my old video on how I tie it here...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ4A9VM0FtQ

Here I am netting a nice Yellowstone Cutthroat, yeah he fell for a olive Simi-Seal Leech....


  1. Hi, Doug. Totally agree with you on your thought of tying Simi Seal Leeches. They are deadly for me and have been for some time. Thanks for sharing..........

  2. Doug, nice tie. Leeches work for every species. They are a universal fly. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good article about the leeches, I need to see video you shared. Going to share it with my friends as well. Thank you for sahring it with us

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