Tying the Found Link (by Kelly Galloup)

I really like this Mayfly pattern. I played around at the vise this morning and tied a few. Here's one I tied as a PMD on a #14 1xl dry fly hook. It doubles as a spinner and an upright winged Mayfly. The upright wing is also used as a sighter for us old guys and when viewed from the bottom it looks like a spinner.

Thread: Roman Moser's Power Silk 10/0 (or Danville 6/0)
Hook: Daiichi 1110
Tail: Light Pardo Whiting Coq de Leon 
Body: Deer Hair
Under Wing: Dun or Adams Gray Crinkled Z-Lon 
Thorax: Super Fine Dubbing 
Wing: Deer Hair


  1. I like it. Like a Haystack with downwings. I will give them a shot as well.

    1. Yes, very similar to the Haystack, that probably why I like it... thanks Ralph...

  2. Doug, highly visible as well as a good floater....two for us seniors.

    1. Amen, we need all the help we old guys can get... I like to have a bit of a sighter on my dry flies if it's possible without hurting the profile of the fly. This pattern is a perfect example...

  3. I found Kellys video as well but havent tied one yet

    1. Give it a try Norm, it's a nice tie and quick and easy...... should be a heck of a floater.


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