Got turkey feathers?

May first found me in Cherry Creek, NY gathering some fly tying material.  Ben, Jim and I hunted for four days in the rain to take these fine gobblers.  I have plenty of tail feathers and secondary turkey rounds now, as I need to tie some more Korn's WH Turkey Tail Nymphs......
May 2nd ~ I took this gobbler with a Mossberg 12 ga. and Remington 3 1/2 inch mag.'s #5 shot @ 30 yards.

After taking the first bird I switched to my Grandfather's old Remington Sportsman in 16 gauge you don't see many of those these days.  I can remember my Grandfather using it to knock down a deer with a single shot one day as I stood by his side in Hemlock, NY many, many years ago when I was just 12 years old.  He shot a lot of deer and small game with this gun and it did a fine job for me too on this, my second gobbler...
Grandpa's Remington and a wet turkey.

May 4th ~ "Grandpa's Turkey".... taken at 17 yards with #5 shot...

My buddy Ben and his Cherry Creek gobbler also taken on May 4th.

Ben and I with our gobblers...


  1. As I work on Atlantic Salmon flies more & more, I have started looking for large turkey tails in good quality. Naturally white-tip ones can't be enough in my cabinet as they are rare in the market (e-bay and friends who hunt are good sources!!). This coming fall & winter, I will learn how to dye them.

  2. I once had access to a turkey farm and when they harvested the domestic turkeys (white feathers) for Thanksgiving I could get all the white turkey tail feathers I wanted... the only problem was they weren't in very good shape.


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