Part 13 Fly Rod Rebuild: Kingfisher Completed.

This weekend I finished up the Kingfisher fly rod. Yep-eee! This project took a lot more time to complete than I ever expected. Six coats of finish on the bamboo sections and five coats of finish on all the guide wraps. Now the rod needs a good week or so to cure before I put a line on it, can't wait. All and all I think it came out nicely. By no means is it master rod builder quality..... but it's the best I can do with my tools and abilities to date. Next up, is to complete the spare rod tip section for the Kingfisher and start the H&I Featherlight rod... My wife Michelle, has agreed to make a couple of rod bags-sleeves for the rods and I'll begin looking for some storage tubes... maybe some thin walled PVC, if I can find it... Hope you all like the work...

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