Hot Tub for Two

This is where the hot spring and the Gardner River meet.  The best place to soak is just downstream.
This morning we got up very early and made our way to the Boiling River.  It is a favorite spot of many visitors here but not many of them have had the jacuzzi-like pool all to themselves.  We sat in the warm water (sometimes hot, sometimes cold before it mixes together) and watched the sun come up and brighten the mountains around us.  A hot spring dumps into the Gardner River at this point.  As we left our hot tub spot and walked the trail back to the truck, we saw a bald eagle flying along the path of the river and over our heads.  We had breakfast at the old Roosevelt Lodge and then went on for a visit to Lamar Valley.  That visit deserves its own post.
Just out of the hot tub.  We were in the area right above my head in this picture.

What a great way to start a morning!

You can just see the eagle flying down river.  We couldn't get the camera out fast enough!
Stella had her own hot tub adventure.


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