The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Today we did a little sightseeing in the mid-western part of the park.  As we started on our outing we came across a family in a car that had gone off the road and their car was stuck since there was essentially no shoulder.  Much of the roadways are like that here and you can not stray or you risk trouble.  Luckily another vehicle pulled up and had a tow strap so we were able to pull the family of six back onto the road without much damage.

We had lunch at the soda fountain diner in Canyon Village and then it was on to Artist Point.  It is easy to see why they call it that and also call it the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Another thing that is very evident is how the park got its name.  The walls around this waterfall and down the canyon are yellow.

After a beautiful day (yes, 80 and sunny as Doug always says) we headed back to camp and had pizza on the grill accompanied by some PBR and G&T.  Yes Dad, we are living some of the best days of our lives:)


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