High Bridge YNP - fly fishing

Today I took a little hike into the upper Gardner River above the High Bridge.... Fishing was slow and the hiking was hard, lots of rock hopping and fording back and forth across the river. This is pocket water fishing at it's most challenging with low, crystal clear water and lots of wind and 92 degree heat! It ended up being a rough hot day with me losing my forceps and falling, landing on my net and breaking the bow in two places, rendering it unusable --- wood nets take a beating in this country. It looks like I'll be looking for a new high tech plastic net at the International Federation of Fly Fishing Fair in Livingston, MT on Thursday.

High Bridge...

Caught all Rainbows today all about this size... used my old Rodon/Boron Custom Carl Coleman 9' 5/6wt. and Young-Walker reel with Cortland 444 DT5 fly line.... 


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