Little bit of Sightseeing.....

Sightseeing in the Park
We didn't have to go far to see this beautiful double rainbow.  We watched several storms swirl around the mountains and then produce this awesome sight.  It seemed to stretch from the Yellowstone River over to the edge of our campground. 

Our first stop on this sightseeing day was to see the Grand Prismatic Spring.  All of the Geyser Basin areas are a little like being on a different planet with the steam, mineral deposits, and bright colors.

It is difficult to capture the colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring.  We were there in the morning which caused more steam.  The center of this spring is a bright blue-green.

On to Old Faithful for our traditional visit and view of the geyser.

We stopped for a picnic lunch in a little off the beaten path picnic spot.  We ate our lunch a little quicker after reading the signs posted on the picnic tables.

Fishing Bridge is a famous place that in years past was usually crowded with fisherman fishing shoulder to shoulder sometimes.  There is no fishing off of the bridge these days.

We continued up through Hayden Valley and saw many bison.

We watched this bison walk and then swim across the Yellowstone River.
It  probably felt good in the 90 degree plus heat.

Always a favorite stop is Artist Point called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  You can see how this beautiful place got its name years ago when you look out over these yellow canyon walls.


  1. We really enjoyed meeting you guys and hearing about all of your adventures in Yellowstone. We also thank you for the suggestions of things to do and places to go. We will be checking in periodically to see pictures of your next adventure....along with the great pics of your fishing trips.
    Mark & Donna Texas

  2. It sure was great meeting you guys and hanging out talking up a storm about all of our adventures... We hope that some day our paths will cross again. Safe travels, Doug and Michelle...

    1. We'll be keeping up with you on your blog....


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