One and done!

I had just a couple of hours to fish this morning so I choose a section of the Yellowstone River close to Gardiner.  I was able to catch this Rainbow right-off-the-bat and then the wind came up big time. Gusting up river with a fury..... Casting was tough but getting a good drag free drift was even tougher.... I fished for an hour without a look from another fish and packed it in... Well hey, at least I did't get skunked...

Caught and released....


  1. Hi Doug, I found my way in here from Ralph Long's blogroll. Looks like you hit the Yellowstone River just in time before the closure, and got one. Very sorry to hear about the outbreak and fishkill out there. I was in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago with my family but didn't get to fish much around the Park. I'm thinking heavily about trying again for fishing next year in June. I'd love to hit the Firehole, Lamar, and Soda Butte at least once before I'm force into early retirement. :)

    PS - What part of NY state? I find myself around Ithaca and Syracuse at least once a month.

  2. HI FA - we are in Hilton, NY about 25 miles. Northwest of Rochester..... Yes we enjoyed the fishing as long as we could. We are back on the road for home today, but we had 32 days in Yellowstone this trip. Look back through the older posts to see more... Doug.

  3. And once again, you allow me to live vicariously through your blog. Thanks for all the posts and pics Doug.


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