Korn's Holiday Stone Fly Nymph

Tying some of my Korn's Holiday Golden Holiday Stone Fly Nymph's today...
I designed this fly for Parks Fly Shop. I wanted to produce a more realistic stone fly nymph pattern that has lots of flash.  It was designed for visibility in high muddy water conditions sometimes found in the early fishing season on the Yellowstone River.  

Materials List: 
Hook: MFC #10 Scud
Bead: 3.5 mm gold bead 
Thread: Serafil 200 olive tan 
Tail/Legs: natural turkey biots split by ball of dubbing 
Rib: nylon quilting clear thread
Wingcase/shellback: pearl Easter basket mylar folded twice 
Abdomen and thorax: 50/50 DK #   and golden brown rabbit dubbing 
Collar: loose dubbing


  1. That's a keeper.
    With so many stonefly nymphs that are dark, why does that yellow one draw so much attention.

  2. Alan, this pattern works well out West in the Yellowstone drainage because they have Golden Stone flies and Yellow Sally's present.... In the East I just tie them with dark brown or black dubbing...on a size #14 1xl nymph hook...

  3. Really like the looks of this pattern. In the material list you show the abdomen as a 50/50 mix of DK (Doug Korn?) #____ and golden brown rabbit dubbing. Since I have no DK#____ dubbing could you suggest a substitute?
    Check out my blog "LoJ Ramblins'" at http://lojsflytyingbugstuff.blogspot.com/
    I have developed a bad case of AMD in my master eye and don't tie as much as I used to but I sure want to give this pattern a try in Colorado.
    Thanx in advance.

  4. Hi LOJ - any golden yellow dubbing you have that is a school bus yellow color will do..... I'll check out the blog.... thx, Doug.


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