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Korn's WH Apple Caddis Emerger SBS

An Apple Caddis Emerger for the Delaware in early spring fished as a dropper...

Materials List:
Hook: #16-18
Wire Head: Gold 28 ga. wire two layers 3 over 4. wire run on top of back to bend.
Body: 1/3rd DK#3 apple green, 1/3rd olive GSS, 1/3rd fox squirrel dubbing
Teardrop Wing: light tan hen feather, cut out tip tied tips down then folded back, trim butt.
Collar: fox squirrel dubbing.

A step by step:

make thread base for wire head tie in wire

add drop of super glue then wrap head 3 over 4 turns 2 layers
run wire down top of hook shank to bend, cover with thread wraps

dub 1/3 of shank with apple green dubbing

add GSS olive dubbing to 1/3rd of hook

add fox squirrel dubbing to 1/3rd of hook

prep light tan  or ginger hen feather as shown

tie in feather "V" notch down behind wire head

fold feather back to form the "Teardrop Wing"

add more fox squirrel dubbing in front of wing

turns of dubbing will force wing back and down, cupping body
~ notice the bright green dubbing shining through the wing ~

completed Korn's WH Apple Caddis Emerger
tied and photographed by Doug Korn

I named it a "teardrop wing" because of the shape and hooding effect on the body. In it's finale position it looks like a teardrop... I've never seen this winging technique used on any other fly. Tied in my way, it incorporates the hackle/legs and wing all in one step...

VARIATIONS: I developed the fly for use on the Delaware River here in New York. We have lots of Apple Caddis with these very light tan wings. I also tie them without wire or bead heads and of course you can change the dubbing and wing colors to imitate any other caddis emerger....

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