Sheepeater Cliffs, YNP

Michelle and I fished the Gardiner River at Sheepeater Cliffs today. This is her favorite spot in YNP. It was a tough hike to get to the area we fish for brook trout but once there it's wonderful. We caught some fish, had some lunch by the cascades and even fished the Cascade pool... a beautiful place.

Our lunch spot.... Chelle could sit here all day.


  1. Doug, looks like you are both having a damned good time. I appreciate you taking us along. I've driven all around YNP in my travels, but have never had the chance to fish it. I need to.

  2. Yes it's a must for those of us who love to fish in beautiful country.... Let me know when you go and I can give you a couple of places off the beaten path to fish...


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