Beetles get no respect...

I've been tying dozens of these beetles this week.... People underestimate and under-utilize this little fly, but it sure catches a lot of fish for me here in NY and out in Yellowstone Country.... Give this little bug a try....

Parks Fly Shop Beetle: 
The PFS version of the popular foam beetle differs from others in two major ways.  First, we tie it in brown and olive as well as black.  Second, we delete the legs, which on most commercial beetles are stiff and don't move well, and tend to make the fly tip over on its side.  Based on the fact that we sell thousands of these a season, it seems to make a positive difference.  
Hook: short shank dry fly, #14-18 
Thread: 8/0 black, olive, or brown 
Underbody: peacock herl or Ice Dub 
Overbody: black, olive, or brown 2mm foam 

Indicator: bright foam.
#16 Beetle

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