Kingfisher Ferrule Repair?

Today's project was to "try" and repair the Kingfisher's butt section's cracked ferrule.

Background: A fellow turkey hunter and good friend gave me these two fly rods in the hopes that I could bring them back to life. When completed, I will get to keep the Kingfisher and he gets the Horrocks and Ibbotson Featherlight.

Update: Both rods cleaned up nicely. The varnish stripper did it's job with 3 coats and a bunch of wiping and scrubbing with rags and a tooth brush. But in the end the bamboo is in nice shape and all sections look good. There was just a little thread dye that had bled into the bamboo from some of the original guide wraps that I could not remove and I can live with that.

All the ferrules are okay except for two on the Kingfisher.... One has to be remounted and realigned, not a big deal, but the other is cracked badly on the butt section. Right or wrong I decided to take a "crack", pun intended, at fixing it. And since it was on the rod that is to be mine I won't feel bad about it if it doesn't hold up. I can always remove the ferrule at a later date and replace it, if need be.

Here we go:

So there is lots of suggestions on the web as to how to fix this... Most advice is to just replace it, if you can find a Kingfisher ferrule of the right size from days gone by....  

Other suggestions were to wrap it with thread or copper wire then solder it, use JB weld, etc... Anyway, as you can see here, I decided to use GSP fly tying thread and CA (super glue) ... You can see with the first layer of thread and that the windings have closed the crack. Then, thin CA glue was applied into the cracks and onto the thread wraps.

The second layer of thread and CA glue...

and a third layer ... this Gel Spun thread is super strong and it will be interesting to see if this does the trick. 

The finished repair... and it looks pretty good, but I will probably add some guide wrappings so it blends in with the rest of the rod.

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