Two of my favorite Mom's!

"Happy Mothers Day" to Shauna, our daughter in-law! Here is Shauna, our son Russ and our grandson Jackson, at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Tasting Festival in Waynesboro last month.

Jackson is a future fly fisher, notice the hat! We had a beautiful day with family, wine and lots of fly fishing vendors, outfitters and seminars. I saw Lefty Kreh's casting demo, he's unbelievable. I also attended a seminar by Mossy Creek Fly Fishing's own Colby Trow. He did a slide show on the fishing of the local area streams and it was excellent. All-in-all we had a great time!

And of course "Happy Mothers Day" as well to my wonderful wife Michelle. Here is Nana with Jackson, a couple of cuties...


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