Thursday, April 5, 2012

Korn's La-A Mayfly

Korn's La-A Mayfly is a thorax dun with the wings of an Angel --- This fly is dedicated to a special Angel of mine.  It was specifically designed for the Spring Creeks of the East but will surely work wherever there are Mayflies to be found.  Change the color to tie variations such as; Hendrickson's, Sulphers, PMD's, BWO's or even an Adams....

tied and photographed by Doug Korn

Korn's La-A Hendrickson Mayfly - she's pretty in pink.
the proof is in the catching

La-A Sulpher - another view of the Angel's wings

Hook: Vintage Mustad Limerick 1921 #12, which is about a #14 1x-short in today’s sizes.  Nice hook because it has the shank of a #16 and the gap of a 14.
Thread: 8/0 Uni color of choice
Tails: CDL flared with one wrap under
Wing: grey craft foam 2mm cut square
Abdomen: dubbing of choice
Hackle: ginger rooster saddle, 2 turns behind wing and 2 in front.
Thorax: dubbing of choice
note: trim 'v' notch on bottom of hackle


  1. Porque las alas en foam?

    No te rizan el bajo de linea?

    Un saludo

  2. No - no se si los mantienes pequeña que don'' t uso de espuma en las alas algo más grande que el tamaño de 14 ganchos .... Parece que funciona bien para mí ... Doug

  3. Thank you Papa for dedicating a very special fly in honor and remembrance of little La-A. She is smiling down with pride that her papa dedicated a beautiful fly with her name on it. Love you. -Shauna