Striving to get back...

Since my knee surgery I've been slowly striving to get back in shape.

For six months, prior to my surgery, I was sitting around with a very sore knee.  My knee hurt 24-7 and the sitting around put on some 22 pounds.  Having had the surgery at the end of October I have put on a few more pounds sitting around healing up and doing my PT but not much more.

Well I set a goal to be back on my feet in time for the start of the NY deer season that started Saturday the 17th.  I walked into my tree stand (about 500 yards, the farthest I have walked so far) on "Opening Day" and managed to climb up into it without any problems.  I enjoyed watching the sun rise and at 7:20 I had a nice buck come by that I put a good shot on and that was that.  A very nice 9 point buck to fill the freezer and provide lean red meat for the winter.  I was sore all day Sunday.  After hunting all day plus the long drive home and getting the deer hung I was done-for.  I spent the day with Advil and football, but it was worth it --- getting back on track...  Here's a couple of photos:

Now that I've reached this goal I will focus on getting my weight back to 180 pounds.
Workouts start in earnest after the Thanksgiving holiday.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I need to be back in tip-top shape for fishing in Montana come July.


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