WH Hot Spot PT - easy and effective...

Here's another good winter fly. I like it as a trailer. Tied here as a "Wire Head" with an orange "Hot Spot".  It can also be tied with pink, red and chartreuse thread.  It doesn't get much simpler than that, but don't let that fool you, this fly takes fish in all seasons but really shines in the winter.

Materials list:
Hook: wet size #16-18
Thread and Hot Spot: Flo. Orange 6/0
Wire Head: gold 28 ga. craft wire or gold bead
Tail and Body: Pheasant Tail
Note: I like to add a dab of super glue to the wire head and the hot spot.


  1. Great looking fly! I love hot spot flies - it helps me hook set when I can actually see the nymph in the water.

  2. Good day,

    Love the wirehead idea, I tied a caddis pupae pattern with the same concept that works quite well here in South Africa

  3. thanks friends for your kind comments.... I also tie this fly with the PT wrapped all the way to the wire head and then just tied off with olive thread (no hot spot) and it works well all year in size #18.

  4. I'll copy that and soon try at DePuy's over winter. Good idea to use orange thread to make hot-spots and wire-head will substitute bead-head, I guess...

  5. Bonjour Doug,

    C'est une très belle imitation et une de mes mouches préférées.
    A bientôt Cyri

  6. Bonjour Cyri, je vous remercie pour vos commentaires. C'est l'un de mes préférés aussi les mouches,


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