On Our Way West

We are off on another great adventure west.  Our first few days of travel went very well but were hot, hot, hot.  We were thankful to find a cool pool at most of our campgrounds and an endless supply of air conditioning in our fifth wheel camper and truck.  
One of our stops was in Mitchell, SD where you can visit the one and only Corn Palace.  Given our last name, we had to visit.  With the promise of a cold beer with dinner, Doug agreed to go.  The outside of the Corn Place is covered with murals created from ears of corn.  Every year they are stripped off and new murals created.

While in Mitchell we noticed their main radio station office and went inside for a picture.

Back on the road in South Dakota we found cooler temperatures and endless highway.  The landscape is very flat and there are fields and fields of corn, soybeans and sunflowers.  We were anxious to land at our final destination, Gardiner, Montana.


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