Sightseeing Days

We have had quite a bit of heavy rain the last few days and the Gardner and Yellowstone Rivers look like chocolate milk.  The fish will not be biting in this water so we went sightseeing.  We spent a day in Bozeman, Montana in the old part of town filled with little shops and cafes.  We had lunch outside at an old renovated filling station and then into the newer part of town to pick up some supplies for back at camp.
Today we put Stella in the car with us and drove down to Old Faithful.  This is such an iconic place and a must see even if you have been there before.  The drive is beautiful and so diverse.  The lodge is one of our favorite places to visit.  While we were eating lunch we met a family from California but the father grew up in Brockport NY!  Such a small world.  

Old Faithful Inn - See the balcony on the front?

Enjoying some ice cream on the balcony of the Inn where you have a great view of the Old Faithful geyser.

Old Faithful
Then it was back through the park with a stop at Gibbon Falls.  This is such a beautiful spot and a nice place to get out and take a stroll along the top of the gorge.  Excitement lay ahead but that will be in the next post.

Doug at Gibbon Falls.


  1. So is the dog in the picture a "service animal"? Park Service and concessionaire rules do not allow dogs, cats, etc. in or on the Old Faithful property as food is served there.

  2. We asked and were given permission from the Old Faithful Inn staff, as long as we carried the dog and her feet didn't touch the floor she was Okay. Dogs are allowed on the walkways and outdoor areas, controlled on a lead. We saw many dogs there.


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