A Double Hike

Today we had our last visit to Gardner's Hole all planned.  Stella tried to convince us that she should come along but we had to leave this white bear-bait behind today.

As we drove into the park we couldn't help but take a look at the morning moon by the arch and Electric Peak.  It looked like a great day to visit one of our favorite places.

This spot is so open and surrounded by mountains.  We hiked in, changed into our fishing shoes, got our gear on and were ready to move to the water and fish.  It was not going to happen today.  Off in the distance Doug spotted a large moving shape.  It was not a buffalo, which would be easy to move around.  It was a grizzly bear!  We got back on the trail and headed out.  As big as this spot is, it is too small to share it with a grizzly.
So we were off to our other favorite spot, Sheepeater Cliff.    

This is such a magical place and Doug gave the cascade pool a try.

We caught quite a few fish and saw many of them rising once the mayfly hatch got into full force.
This was our lunch spot today.
Our background music was the sound of the waterfall.

It was my turn to try out this pool.  No luck this time but we will be back.

When we got back to our campsite we could see that there must have been a storm somewhere up on the Yellowstone River.  The water looked like a chocolate river  and I'm sure these rafters weren't anxious to take a dip.
Four of our fish ended up on our plates tonight.  

We had a storm blow through after dinner and it brought with it this beautiful rainbow.


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