A Visit to Lamar Valley

After an early fishing trip we had the rest of the day free and decided to take a trip out to Lamar Valley.  It is a beautiful place in the park and we were hoping to see some more eagles out there.  The wonderful thing about Yellowstone is that you are guaranteed to see some wildlife, you just never know what kind.

We stopped here at this huge rock face and were able to spot two white mountain goats.  It was amazing to watch them navigate their way on top of this craggy place.

Its a beaut!  Soda Butte.  This was formed millions of years ago by a geyser and is inactive now.  You can see how smokey it is in the background from the area fires.

Lamar Valley always has some buffalo to watch and these were right near Roosevelt Lodge.

Two years ago we spotted a golden eagle in this valley.  This is such a beautiful spot and you can see for miles.  Guess who was still in the area?  Our friend the golden eagle.
Later we took a walk into town for an ice cream cone and on the way back saw the full moon over the Yellowstone River.  A nice end to a full day.


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