Bozeman, Brews, and Blazes

Over the past few days we explored the less wild side of the Yellowstone area.  We spent a day in Bozeman, one of our favorite places to browse.  We had lunch at an old refurbished gas station and enjoyed watching the town activities from our table outside.  After that Doug found a coffee shop while I visited the many shops along the historic section of town.

On Saturday night we went to the 14th Annual Gardiner Brewfest at Arch Park.  I think the entire town was there along with any available tourists.  We attended this two years ago and it has definitely grown into an event.  We sampled several local brews, ate some brats with sauerkraut while listening to some good music and talking with friends.

The Brewfest is held at Arch Park every year just below the historical archway into Yellowstone.

Here is Ben with one of our favorite friends, his daughter Rivers.
Leaving the Brewfest - yes I know it is a bit fuzzy:)

Over the last few days there have been several fires that have popped up in the area outside of Yellowstone - one big one in Idaho and several just north of Gardiner.  The smoke creates a haze all around the mountains.  It makes for some beautiful sunsets and even a red moon one of the nights.  In the evenings when the winds calm down, ash from these fires settles on us and everything else.  It is hard to capture just what it looks like but here are a few pictures of smoky Gardiner.

This is Electric Peak in the smokey haze, a beautiful mountain that we look out on every day.

Smokey sunset


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