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Got Browns?

My buddy Ben and I fished the XYZ River this morning for a try at some big Brown Trout.

 Ben with a nice fish right off the bat!

Stepping back in time we used some older fly fishing gear for this trip. Ben used my 1960's rebuilt fiberglass rod an 8'6" 6wt. heavy nymphing rod taylor made for handling two heavy nymphs and an indicator. I used my 1949 Orvis Battenkill 9' 6wt. 3/2 bamboo fly rod fitted with an 60's Orvis Madison reel. It's a slow rod for dry flies on the Delaware really, but I just had to try and get a big fish on it. These big fish and the fast current put both fly rods to the test...

that's me with a Brown ~ 17 inches

1949 Orvis Battenkill bamboo ~ Brown Trout

Ben - another good one.

My fish-of-the-day - Brown Trout (Runner) 18 1/2 inches, he took me 50 yards down stream in the fast current before we could land him.

What a great day. Ben and I caught more than our fair share with many of the fish taking us down stream, stripping line and putting up great fights. The old fiberglass and bamboo did their jobs well, no real disadvantage here, although I think I'll keep the Battenkill 49'er for the dry's on the Delaware River back home.

It was really fun to spend some time with my good friend Ben and share some laughs and make some memories... "On the Fly".


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