Return to Sheepeater Canyon

Sheepeater Canyon is one of our favorite fishing spots.  We were here in 2011 and returned for another visit today. The hike is not too challenging and there is something beautiful around every corner.  This is a huge cliff where it is said that Native Americans cornered sheep and drove them over the edge to their death as a way of harvesting them.  This bluff is at least 100 feet tall.

This is the first waterfall or cascade that you encounter as you hike in to the canyon.

This is another cascade but it is a hot spring.  It is a good place to warm your feet after crossing the cold river.

The first fish of the day. 

We caught some small brook trout.

Yes the water is cold, but you forget about it once you are fishing.

We were surrounded by beauty as we fished up the river.

This is a wide and long cascade that you can actually walk up into.  The power and noise of the water is awesome.

There is a deep pool just below the drop and I had a fish on but he got away just before the picture - honest!

Here is Doug with a rainbow trout caught out of that same hole.

We weren't ready to leave this special place so we sat down and had lunch before our hike out.

We came upon a cluster of flowers that had butterflies flitting all around.

On our way back to Gardiner we passed through Mammoth Hot Springs and captured the bright white of the mineral deposits against the clouds.


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