Soda Butte Canyon - last fish...

Wow - time sure flies when you're having fun and our trip is drawing to a close...

Today Dave and I fished Soda Butte Creek.  We had a great time. The canyon had willing fish and the water was clear and cold.  We found that various caddis patterns and a black and blue nymph that Dave had worked very well.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be packing up and then heading home on Sunday.  It's been great to see all our friends here in Montana and to fish and spend time with them. The Yellowstone area has much to offer and Michelle and I enjoyed it all --- "On the Fly".

Here's Dave doing a little rock hopping in the canyon section. Fishing pocket water like this is one of my favorite things to do...

The further up the canyon you go the smaller the fish.  We each caught a dozen or more of the beautiful Cutthroat Trout.
I fished my Winston Binney Para 15 bamboo - 8' - 5wt. today, what a sweet casting fly rod.  


  1. Doug,
    Well, I didn't see you much and couldn't discuss some new fly idea of mine with you. Soda Butte, of course Lamar too, got a heavy storm over weekend and is temporarily not fishable. As you know, good PMD hatch and Green Drake too!! on meadow section. I gotta update my blog a lot....... I will also post new flies I've come with as time goes by.
    See you next time.

  2. Satoshi - I was very glad we got to meet and talk for a few moments. I would have liked to discuss your new fly ideas and your take on the ares fishing this year. It was tough but, as you can see by this blog we still caught fish. Yes, the river was running brown when I left from the Soda Butte/Lamar mud. I have a few new flies in mind too that I will post in the near future... all the best to you, Doug

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