First Fishing Day

Our first day of fishing was beautiful!  We hiked in to a spot that Doug calls Soldier Rock Canyon.  He didn't tell me that it was down a huge, steep, tree littered hill.  The walk in was worth the vista!  We had the whole river to ourselves.  The water was running very fast and high with a difficult casting wind which was not in our favor since we were casting upstream.  Even so, we each caught 5 fish - rainbows and brookies. We had a great day even with the grueling climb back out of this canyon - but hey, I did it! ~Michelle 
Doug found this elk antler at the top of Soldier Rock Canyon.  He is clearly leading the Antler Roundup competition!

Soldier Rock guarding the river.  Notice how steep this is!!

First fish of the day - a little rainbow - he took a Coachman Trude.

Lunch time next to the river - gorgeous!

55 Dougie with his first catch of our YNP trip.

Doug gave me lesson in nymphing (which is a different kind of fly fishing) the deep pools using an indicator rig.  I caught a brook trout and had a large rainbow on that was about 12 inches that got away (of course).  Bummer!

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