Our Last Leg to Gardiner, Montana.

Yesterday we left Rapid City, SD and drove through part of Wyoming and then through Montana to Gardiner.  We had great weather for the entire day except for the last hour.  Montana is big sky country and you can see several different weather systems around you at the same time.  This rain system had some powerful lightning with it.  Luckily it stopped in time for us to set up camp.
Today is laundry day and time to get some food in the pantry.  Doug is getting all our gear ready for the first fishing trip tomorrow.  It is so nice to have my own personal guide ~ Michelle

Here is our campsite for the next month.  We are just up on the side of a small mountain in Gardiner, MT.

Here is a view of the thriving metropolis of Gardiner from our campground.  We will be doing a lot of walking up and down hills to town and back.

Another view from our campground including the Yellowstone River below us.

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