Mount Rushmore

It was a perfect day today!  Blue sky, less than 100 degrees, lots of beautiful scenery, and tours of interesting monuments.  We started out at Mount Rushmore and spent time there on a Ranger's walk.  We walked along and listened to the interesting story of the monument and the artist behind it all.  This thing is huge and I can't imagine working up there all day hanging from a rope.  It took 14 years to complete and was only stopped because of the death of Gutzon Bolgar - the sculptor.

A perfect day for a visit with the presidents.

We also visited the Crazy Horse monument which is still in progress after 60 plus years.  It is essentially being done by a handful of people from the artist's family.  It is much bigger than Mt. Rushmore.  There is a great facility there dedicated to Native Americans and their cultures.  We had a great day and we are ready for the final leg of our journey to Gardiner, MT tomorrow.

This is the Crazy Horse Monument in progress.

Doug is in front of the sculptor's model and you can see the actual one in the background.

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