A Sunny Saturday

No fishing today!  Doug worked in the shop tying flies and I went for a walk.  I found a shady spot right on the Yellowstone River and sat with the intention of reading my latest book.  I sat with my feet in the river and did not get much reading done.  Just a few yards up river was the site where rafts were put in for white water rafting trips.  I sat and watched these go out and bobble down the fast water.  I actually have no desire to do this.  It looks like fun is some ways but I am not interested in holding on to a boat for dear life while bobbing up and down in a river moving faster than my car.  I think I will stick to walking the shores of the rivers and getting a slow and close up look at the scenery.
After supper we met our new camping neighbors who are from Oswego.  What a small world!  Tomorrow we are going down near Canyon Village and to Artist Point - the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  We will have lunch along the way and then hit a favorite fishing spot.

My view from my "reading" spot.

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