Got "Split Tails"?

Korn's Split Tail Hoppers, Crickets, Salmon & Golden Stones
Olive Hoppers? Yep the fish love them when the hoppers are on...

Folks, here are a couple of examples of the "Split Tail" fly...  We have really been doing well the last couple of days with this fly...  I really like the design as it has simple materials and a light weight body.  The fly always lands right side up and the split tails allow for a stable float.

I am sorry that I don't have a photo of the Salmon or Golden version but you can find the instructions for them below.  Good Luck and tie some up!

Hopper and Cricket

Hook: Daiichi #1720 3XL size 8-12
Thread: 6/0 to contrast with foam
Body/Head: 2mm foam cut wide as hook gap, tied in on top of hook, then wing deer hair applied and then the foam is folded over or applied separately (pink in photo)..
Options: cut/split the foam tail extending over hook bend, add a foam wrapped body (salmon fly orange body).
Wing: natural or dyed deer
Indicator: bright foam strip
Legs: Centipede Legs.

For Salmon flies: dark brown foam with an orange foam wrapped body with a mix of orange and natural deer hair.  For Goldens, yellow foam and olive, yellow or natural deer hair..... Both with split tails.

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