The Elk Show

We have been doing more than just fly fishing here in Gardiner.  The last couple of nights we have been sitting outside watching the "Elk Show".  We have seen at least 20 elk come strolling into the adjacent churchyard and then making their way over to the campground.  They are not afraid of people or vehicles or little white dogs that yip at them.  We just sit back, sip on a beer, and watch the show.  Many of the other campers are out too and we have met some nice people.  Friday night we went to Arch Park to see the Dead Winter Carpenters - a bluegrass band.  The weather was perfect as you can see by the blue sky.  The band was very good and the combination of good music, beautiful surroundings and good company made for a memorable night. ~Michelle

Bluegrass band playing just outside YNP.  It was a beautiful night and the music just made it even better!
This elk was right next door to our campsite.  She was eating the leaves off of the tree.

This bull elk had a harem with him all night.  They walked around the campground and the churchyard next door.

Here is our campsite and a visiting elk.  Stella was brave until one came too close and then she tried to take cover under the camper.

Here Stella got a little braver and actually acted like she wanted to play.  The elk totally ignored her and kept on eating.

The pet walk is for the campground's visiting pets but it has been full of elk the past few nights.


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